Bregal Investments is an international private equity firm providing a platform for five direct investment teams and a fund-of-funds team across the US and Europe.

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All our investment teams have distinct investment strategies and focus on investing in mid-market companies in a variety of sectors in the US and Europe.

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Flexible capital and strategic assistance for market-leading companies in high-growth sectors.

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Equity capital for mid-sized companies in the DACH region and Northern Italy.

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Providing growth capital and strategic assistance to ambitious, market leading technology companies in Europe.

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Building businesses in the middle market in North America.

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Private equity funds, co-investments and secondaries.

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Targeted capital to help address key societal and environmental challenges in a responsible and sustainable way.

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Our experienced global investment team seeks to create long-standing relationships and drive lasting impact within our portfolio companies.

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We champion a responsible investment approach focused on creating long-term, sustainable value and are conscious of the responsibilities we have towards all our stakeholders. 

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Case studies

Examples of how we are collaborating with our portfolio companies to improve their ESG performance.

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Employee giving

Our Philanthropy Programme is designed to encourage our employees to become more active in charitable organisations.

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Bregal Helps Initiative

In early 2020, together with the COFRA Foundation, senior Bregal employees also established a €3 million Bregal Helps Initiative to help our portfolio companies support their local communities affected by Covid-19.  

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We have offices in nine locations across the US, UK, Germany, Jersey, Switzerland, Luxembourg, and Italy.

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Case study – ATP

ATP Adhesive Systems is a leading provider of speciality adhesive tapes for a wide variety of industries, including automotive, construction, healthcare, graphics and electronics.

Bregal Responsible Investment Report - 2019/2020

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The company specialises in the development and manufacturing of pressure sensitive adhesive tapes tailored specifically to the customer's requirements for a broad range of applications. Focused on water-based adhesive tapes, ATP offers an environmentally friendly alternative to more traditional solvent-based adhesive tapes.

Sector: Chemicals
Head office: Wollerau, Switzerland

As a leading manufacturer of industrial adhesive tapes, ATP consistently relies on the environmentally-friendly technology of water-based acrylates and produces sustainable products of the highest quality. Manufacturing under the strictest adherence to all environmental and occupational safety standards is beneficial for the health of all our employees and for society.

Material issues:

Occupational health and safety

Carbon footprint

Product design and quality

Waste and hazardous material management

Optimised energy usage

As part of its long-term commitment to carbon neutrality by 2030, ATP has been exploring a number of energy optimisation and carbon reduction solutions. In 2019, the company piloted combined heat and power (CHP) systems, designed to reduce carbon emissions by up to 30%. Two additional systems will be installed in 2020.

High-quality and environmentally friendly products

Product quality is closely monitored, and ATP is continuously investing in innovation to minimise the impact of its products. ATP has a lower environmental production footprint compared to common solvent-based adhesive tape producers as their water-based adhesive tape production does not rely on evaporating solvents. The company continues to further develop sustainable carrier materials.

Healthy and safe workforce

To ensure mitigation of exposure to industrial hazards such as dust, noise and harmful chemicals, ATP’s health and safety risk manager oversees a detailed monitoring system and provides employees with regular training.

A mental health risk assessment has recently been carried out. These measures help to ensure that lost time days and absenteeism targets are consistently met and that employee turnover remains significantly below industry averages.


Bregal Unternehmerkapital

Equity capital for mid-sized companies in the DACH region and Northern Italy.

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